North Enterprises is the official representative of Gate Istanbul Investment and real estate consulting company in Qatar, where the company relies in marketing and real estate investment on following distinctive new strategies serves and covers all the required needs through:

  1. Comprehensive definition of real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, which allows sketching a way for economic fruitful exchange between the growing Qatari market and the Turkish market.
  2. Approximation of the Qatari-Turkish border and to provide all the necessary facilities to start any investment based on mutual trust, speed and high quality services.
  3. The company meets all the needs of the investor from real estate marketing to consulting and legal services.
  4. Spread and distributed offices and branches all over Turkey allowed for a wider coverage for all the investors requirements and in all regions from lands, hotels, offices, private farms to independent houses and apartments.
  5. The presence of delegates in all branches fluent in Arabic and English, which support our services.

An unflinching commitment to customers and all concerned to ensure that they get more than what we promised.

In order to enhance and develop our services and to show our commitment towards our clients, Gate Istanbul recently participated with RINFO-Real Estate Application so you can reach us any time anywhere and to keep track of all available opportunities.


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